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The EM115B hand-held digital oscilloscope adpots the update circuit technology to decrease noise. It has higher test sensitivity and higher electromagnetic noise resistance.


Maximum real time sample rate: 200MSa/s
Maximum input voltage:
1×CAT Ⅲ 300 VAC 10X, 100X CAT Ⅲ 600VAC
Bandwidth(-3dB): 50MHz, Couple: AC, DC
Sample: Max sample: 200Msa/s
Input independence: 1MΩ, ≤20pF
Max input voltage 1000Vp-p
Vertical resolution: 8bit
Vertical sensitive: 10mV/div-5V/div
Horizontal resolution: 10nS/div
Horizontal sensitive: 10nS-5S
Depth-sampling: 4K/Channel
DC Voltage: 600mV/6V/60V/600V
AC Voltage: 600mV/600V
DC Current: 6V/600V
AC Current: 6V/600V
Resistance: 600/6k/60k/600k/6M/60MΩ
Capacitance: 6n/60n/600n/6μ/60μ/600μ/6mF
Frequency: 6K/60K/600K/6M/60MHz
Diode: 2.000V/Test Current: 0.5mA
Continuity: Lower 25Ω,Beep

Communication: USB PC
Display: 320×240 pixels; LED backlight
Dimensions: 218×118×50 mm
Weight: Approx. 720g


Sales Support, Phone: (86)0596-2161506, Email: ┇ Please contact us for details
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