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Model: EM2G

Wood Moisture Meter


[2007 catalog B] [Page 74]

The instrument is used for the measurement of moisture content. The measured materials include as follows: Woodiness-cellulose substance and bamboo product, wood produce, Chinese traditional medicine, tobacco, cotton, paper, etc.

·The instrument joins the measuring instrument, display, power supply and circuit board together.
·Small size, Light weight
·Measure fast, easy to operate

2 pins
General purpose pin type moisture meter used for
assessing the moisture conditions in buildings.

This compact and lightweight meter is just the tool for the job.



Measure range:Low 7-15%
High 16-35%
Accuracy:±2% digit (moisture content)

Power:9V battery (6F22)
Dimensions(W×L×T):46×135×23 mm
Weight:100g (with battery)


Battery; Users Manual; Protective Cover

User Manual

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