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Picture of EM129, 10 Functions Automotive Digital Multimeter
Model: EM129

[2007 catalog B] [Page 49]

·Data hold function
·Autorange function for the test
·Overload protection for all range
·Auto power off

The instrument complies with CAT II 600.


Tacho Test

Picture of EM3214, Automotive Pen Probe Style DMM
Model: EM3214

[2007 catalog B] [Page 49]

EM3214 is a great tool for checking your car battery voltage or alternator output. Also useful for finding a LIVE wire when installing your car stereo or car alarm. But the applications are not limited to the car because of course it works as an ordinary multimeter as well.

Digital LCD display, Max. reading 3999
Data-hold Function
Auto Power Off
Auto Range
Overload Protection

The instrument complies with CAT II 600.


with Spotlight

Picture of EM415PRO, Automotive Short and Open Finder, car repair tool
Model: EM415PRO

[2007 catalog B] [Page 50]

EM415pro is designed to identify and trace wires or
cables without damaging the insulation. You can also use
it in checking for short circuit and open circuit and so on.
There are a Sender and a Receiver included in the M415pro.

The probe of the Receiver is built of coiled steel and may be bent as needed, in order to reach wires in ongested or difficult areas. Depending on the circuit characteristic and sensitivity settings, the probe will pick up the signal from the wire in a range of positions. However, for the best possible range the Receiver’s probe tip (black cap) should be positioned perpendicular (at 90o) to the wire being traced and either above or below it.


Flexible Probe

Picture of GK9A, Automotive Battery Tester
Model: GK9A

[2007 catalog B] [Page 51]

Max.Range 13.5V


Picture of GK10A, Automotive Battery Tester
Model: GK10A

[2007 catalog B] [Page 51]

(LED indicators light up to confirm voltage status)
High 15.0V
Normal 14.0V
Low 13.5V
Normal 12.5V
Low 12.0V
Flat 5.0V
·LED lights up the Voltage reading

Max.Range 15.0V

Picture of EA100, Signal Pick Up, used with automotive multimeter
Model: EA100

[2007 catalog B] [Page 54]

Simple to use, just clamp the spark plug wire.

This unit is designed to be used with automotive meter or oscillograph. It can be used in the adjustment and diagnosis of automotive engine. It is an ideal tool when you want to know the accurate turning speed of the engine. Simple to use, just clamp the spark plug wire.

Used with automotive meter or oscillograph


Picture of EA101, Digital Clamp-on Tachometer
Model: EA101

[2007 catalog B] [Page 54]

·Conventional 4 cycle or
DIS/2 cycle ignition system capability
·Simple to use, just clamp over wire
·Work on 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 & 8 cylinder engines
·Data hold function
·Low and high RPM test ranges
·Used to verify and set idle speed

Accurate engine RPM measurements


Picture of EM405, DCV,ACV,DCA,ACA,Ω, Digital Clamp Meter
Model: EM405

·3 1/2 digits LCD, Max. reading 1999
·Data-hold function
·DCA & ACA measurement
·Low battery indication
·Overload protection

The instrument complies with CAT III 600.



Picture of EM288, Automotive MultiTester
Model: EM288

[2007 catalog B] [Page 53]

The automotive multi tester, which tests the electrical system of an automobile completely. This multipurpose instrument:

·Tests battery voltage
·Checks the battery condition while starting the engine.
·Checks interior and exterior lamps
·Checks relays, power windows and electric motors.
·LED light source.
It also has a powerful light source, circuit breaker protected voltage source and a warning buzzer
·Power supply functions may be selected.
·Protects wires and components when testing shorted and overloaded circuits
·Finds open and disconnected parts
·There is magnet near the back side of the device, so you can attach the device on the vehicle for easy use.

Automotive Multi Tester


Model: EM410

[2007 catalog B] [Page 50]

Sound amplification with volume control
Headset combined with ear defenders to cut out background noise
2 Probe tip, lengths 60 and 290mm
Strong probe body, black ABS molding
9 Volt alkaline battery for about 30 hours continuous operation
Instrument case and battery included


Picture of EM6085, Digital Tire Pressure Gauge, for safe driving
Model: EM6085

[2007 catalog B] [Page 54]

This unit is an ideal tool for tire pressure measurement. It has the advantages of light weight and compact structure. It is very easy to use.
You can use it to measure a vehicle‘s tire pressure for safe driving.

Picture of EM286, Automotive Battery Tester
Model: EM286

This unit is designed to measure the voltage of all kinds of batteries which output DC voltage between 10V and 50V.

It operates easily and quickly. It is an ideal tool for vehicle serviceman and the drivers.

No power supply needed, small size. very easy to operate, light weight

Max.Range 50V


Picture of GK500, Automotive Spark Indicator
Model: GK500

[2007 catalog B] [Page 52]

Tool tests spark plugs, spark plug wires, and coils without puncturing the wire.

With the engine running, place the grooved end of the tool over the spark plug wire.

The bulb will flash to indicate spark.

Picture of GK516, Automotive Voltage Check
Model: GK516

·Coil cord design for easy use with 9-foot cable
·Easily checks 6 and 12V systems
·Tough Plastic handle lights up if circuit is good
·Leads remain flexible in low temperatures

Picture of GK503A, Automotive Battery Tester
Model: GK503A

[2007 catalog B] [Page 52]

·Indicates battery charge condition.
·Checks charging circuit of 12 volt batteries including sealed acid and maintenance free types.
·Compact and easy to use.


Picture of GK503, Automotive Battery Tester
Model: GK503

[2007 catalog B] [Page 52]

·Indicates battery charge condition
·Checks charging circuit of 12 volt batteries including sealed acid and maintenance free types.
·Compact and easy to use.


Picture of EM6083, Tire Pressure Gauge
Model: EM6083

[2007 catalog B] [Page 54]

·3 ~ 99.5 PSI
·Dual function
·Digital gauge accurate to +/- 1.5 PSI
·Display shows PSI, BAR, KPA and kg/cm2
·Auto power off, Backlight display
·Ergonomic design for comfortable hand fit
·Ruler for measuring tire veins depth

Backlight & Ruler

Picture of GK517, Heavy Duty Automotive Logic Probe
Model: GK517

·Quickly and safely tests high and low voltages on all vehicle
·Includes computerized engine
·Checks high and low voltages (power and ground) on 6, 12 and 24V system
·High impedance to protect sensitive electronic sensors, microprocessors, electronic ignition components and air bags
·LED indicates red for power (high) and green for ground (low)
·Connects the red lead to a power sources and the black lead to a ground source

Model: EM2236

This instrument can be used to measure rotation speed (RPM) and surface speed accurately. To perform rotation speed measurement, you can use Photo or Contact mode.
The instrument features wide measurement range, high resolution, and quick measurement. In addition, the memory of the maximum, minimum and last readings is provided. It can be used widely and is a very useful measurement tool

Model: EM130USB

Connect the USB data cable supplied with the meter to the terminal on the top of the meter, connect the other end of this cable to the USB port of the computer. The computer will prompt that a new hardware has been found and the USB driver will be installed automatically.

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