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Model: EM2236



This instrument can be used to measure rotation speed (RPM) and surface speed accurately. To perform rotation speed measurement, you can use Photo or Contact mode.
The instrument features wide measurement range, high resolution, and quick measurement. In addition, the memory of the maximum, minimum and last readings is provided. It can be used widely and is a very useful measurement tool


Rotation speed: Photo: 6~99999RPM, Contact: 1~19999RPM
Surface speed: 0.1 ~ 1999.9m/min, 0.3 ~ 6560ft/min
Accuracy: ±(0.05% of reading+1 digit)
Range Selection: Automatic

Dimensions: 217×84×43 mm
Weight: Approx. 265g (Without battery)
Power Supply: a. Battery: 1.5V, AA or equivalent, 4 pieces
b. Using AC Adapter: output voltage of DC6V


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