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Model: EM2249



This meter is a high-precision thermo-hygrometer for measuring environment temperature, relative humidity and dew point. It features low power consumption, stable operation, data hold, Celsius/Fahrenheit exchange, maximum/minimum memory, etc.

Humidity:0% ~ 100%, Resolution: 1%
Dew Poin:-20~+60°C

Screen: Large clear backlight LCD
Sampling Rate: one time per two secs
Response Time: Humidity about 4 secs
Temperature measurement: about 5 to 30 secs
Auto Power Off, Low Battery Indication
Battery: 9V battery, 6F22 or equivalent, 1 pieces
Dimensions: 205 X 67 X 44mm
Weight: About 185g ( including battery )
Accuracy: Described in the following curves



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