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Model: EM4610



[2007 catalog B] [Page 20]

This hand-held digital logic probe provides convenient and precise use in the measurement of logic circuits. It displays logic levels (high or low), pulses and voltage transients down to 25 nanoseconds.
High intensity LED readouts provide instant response to the logic state. Tests all logic families TTL/LSI, and CMOS/MOS digital circuits.
Maximum input frequency of 25MHz.

Color coded LEDs
Indicate high, low or pulsed logic states

Audio beeper
With two sounds: Hi & Low



Working Voltage:4 to 18VDC
Frequency Response:20Mhz
Min. Detectable PW:25ns
Input Impedance:1M Ohm
Input Overload Protection:±220VAC/DC, 15s
Supply Voltage Protection:±20VDC

Power:3V(CR2032) × 1
Dimensions(W×L×T):18×210×18 mm
Weight:90g (with battery)


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