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Model: TS5335C

Walkthrough X-ray security inspection system


● High resolution color, the image resolution is as high as 1920*1080P, which is the absolute leading advantage in China.
● The atomic number of the material for a variety of accurate classification, and the different substances are displayed in seven colors.
● Customer-defined the alarm function of hazardous substances, such as: dangerous liquids, explosives, drugs, guns, knives and other customer-specific hazardous substances;
● Modular design, and provides test diagnostic functions of X-ray source, detector array, special keyboard and other key components, so that equipment failure diagnosis and repair more accurate and faster;
● Equipped with the operating procedure and interface of the radio source regulating current and voltage;
● Equipment can be accessed by multiple cameras, and includes a memory retrieval.
● Based on the computer platform, it provides remote collaborative checking mode with network application as its carrier, as well as image transmission and centralized storage functions.
● Provide dangerous goods image insertion function (TIP function), to facilitate the operator image recognition ability training and assessment;
● Conveyor Speed 0.2-0.6m/s;


● Tunnel Size: 500(W)*300(H)mm (TS5030C)
● Generate direct: Bottom according to type
● Conveyor Speed: 0.2m/s ( Adjustable )
● Conveyor Max Load:150kg ( Uniform distribution )
● Simple Penetration: ≥38mm armor plate ( Achieved international Class A. )
● Wire Display: 40AWG ( Dia0.0787MM solid copper wire )
● Spatial Resolution:1.00mm Horizontal;1.00 mm Vertical
● Leakage radiation rate: <0.3uGy
● Image storage: Storage above 800,000 pictures in real time
● Image format batch conversion: BMP, JPG, PNG and other formats conversion


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