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Model: TS1219



This product is a movable type under vehicle inspection system. It uses advanced digital imaging and processing technology, so the created vehicle undercarriage images have high resolution and can clearly show explosive or suspectable object hidden on vehicle undercarriage. By using this system, vehicle undercarriage inspection can be quickly made and the involved labor and material cost can be greatly reduced. It can be used in various sites where vehicle undercarriage inspection is required or where checking for contraband is required.


Product ( the whole system )
● Rated Input Voltage: AC 220V, 50/60Hz
● Allowable Input Voltage: 187V ~ 242V, 50Hz ~ 60Hz
● System Power Consumption: 500 ~ 700W
● Max. System Load Power: 1000W
● Insulation Withstand Voltage: 1500V for 1 minute
● Insulation Resistance: > 1000M? 1000V
● Working Time: Continuous ( 24 hours per day )

Undervehicle Scanning Device
● Supply Voltage for the Undervehicle Scanning Camera: DC 12V 1A
● Supply Voltage for Auxilliary Illuminating Set: DC 24V
● Power Consumption of the Auxilliary Illuminating Set: 80W per LED set

License Plate Recognition System
● Supply Voltage for the License Plate Camera: DC 12V 2A
● Power Consumption of the Supplemental Illuminating Set:DC 12V 1A


Vehicle bottom scanning device

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