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Model: TS180



This metal detector is designed using the latest technology.
It features light weight and is easy to use.
It has two detection modes, which are All-Metal mode and Discrimination mode,and you can select a desired mode between them.

● Adjustable sensitivity
● Auto ground balance
● Discrimination mode
● All-Metal mode
● Mode change by just one press of button
● Operating status indications on the LCD display
● Battery charge level indication
● Metal detection intensity indication
● Audio Alarm
● Water-proof search coil


● Adjustment method: Automatic adjustment
● Operating Current: About 45mA
● Battery: 1.5V battery,AA or equivalent, 6 pieces
● Water-proof: YES
● ?Coil size: 9 inches / 22.5 cm
● Frenquency:5.8 Khz
● Headphone Jack:6.5 mm
● Detection Mode: All Metal/Discrimination
● Length: 108-135cm ( adjustable )
● Weight: About 1.4kg ( including batteries )
● Depth: US 1 Cent, about 10cm
● ?US 5 Cent, about 15cm
● US 25 Cent, about 15-20cm
● Iron sheets (46*12cm), about 30cm
● Iron sheets (60*60cm), about 60cm


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